"Your techniques are providing me with a freedom I didn't think I could acquire​..." - voice student

“Because of you I feel like I can call myself a singer and not just a dancer. You have helped me achieve a newfound confidence, which I am so grateful for. You teach me everyday what it means to work hard and work respectively. “  - voice student 

Teaching Philosophy

Because each student is psychologically, socially and anatomically different, the learning process must be tailored to the individual student. Therefore, I use a combination of teaching styles based on the needs of the student, and I incorporate both mechanistic and holistic traditions. I am familiar with a variety of teaching schools and methods, but I believe that the concepts associated with the Italian school of singing are the most effective and healthy for all students. It is my purpose to help the student realize the synergistic relationship between the processes of breath management, phonation, resonance and articulation. I teach these concepts through exercises while educating the student about anatomical parts of the vocal mechanism and the purpose of each exercise in their vocal development. For young singers, it is mandatory to create a fun learning environment while intergrating a structured lesson and practice schedule. I have found that they really enjoy playing an active role in their development. 

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